Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association
Building technology that helps communities grow through gamified consensus

What is PBSA?

PBSA stands for Peerplays Blockchain Standards Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the functionality and usability of the Peerplays blockchain. The association has been active since 2016 and has gathered a vast amount of knowledge about how to enhance the blockchain to provide better services.

The Peerplays blockchain uses cutting-edge blockchain technology, which operates like a digital ledger accessible to all and tamper-proof. This technology offers numerous possibilities, including the creation of computer games and programs that facilitate collaboration among people.

Over the years, PBSA has focused on research and development in blockchain technologies, utilizing the latest advancements to make things better for people. Their contributions to the Peerplays blockchain include developing advanced decentralized information markets in sports, on-chain raffle operations that use the first-ever GLI verified decentralized RNG, live streaming content creation, and comprehensive enhancements to decentralized exchange functions native to the Peerplays core.

Moreover, PBSA has enabled other blockchains like Bitcoin, Hive, and Ethereum to send core assets into the Peerplays blockchain in a completely decentralized manner.

The association has also made significant efforts to make blockchain usage easier for people by developing new and exciting ways to utilize it. We have also introduced a novel consensus mechanism called Proof of Pulse, which enables people to agree on what should happen in the blockchain.

PBSA is headquartered in Debert, Nova Scotia, where a team of blockchain experts works tirelessly on exciting projects aimed at benefiting people worldwide.🌎

Why is PBSA Needed?

Trust in the integrity of all institutions of authority is at an all-time low:

  • Regulatory frameworks are regressive, out-of-date, and slow to evolve
  • Self-regulation of institutions has predictably disastrous results
  • Exploitative targeting of individuals is endemic amongst trusted institutions
  • Personal data are stored on private, centralized servers with zero transparency

In short, people are being failed by current systems and regulatory frameworks.

Since the arrival of Bitcoin, countless whitepapers have promised to revolutionize the way people organize and cooperate with each other using blockchain technology. The reality has been poorly-conceived, technologically under-powered projects, with the enrichment of early investors a primary goal.

Traditional institutions are in desperate need of modernization and reform. But the transformative power of decentralization must be harnessed for the good of individual, not just a small number of blockchain speculators as has been endemic in the blockchain industry.

With decades of combined experience and research in the blockchain space, PBSA is ideally placed to take on a leadership role in this period of change, and ensure that the Peerplays blockchain is a liberating, positive force for people everywhere.

PBSA Mission

PBSA builds technology and communities that are in line with our values, with development of the Peerplays blockchain at the centre of everything we do:

1 Design, develop, and audit software for the Peerplays blockchain.
2 Research, create, and recommend provably fair standards for the Peerplays blockchain.
3 Encourage and support the developer community to bring product to the Peerplays blockchain.
4 Engage in and support advocacy education, and community-building in the Peerplays ecosystem.
5 Engage in, fund, and provide assistance for, any other activities that support the positive evolution of provably fair gaming on the Peerplays ecosystem.


Peerplays is a special kind of computer system that helps people work together without needing to trust each other. It uses a new kind of technology called blockchain which is like a big digital ledger that everyone can see and nobody can change. From Graphene, to Substrate, Peerplays gives you a new way to do things. This system is very advanced and uses many different kinds of computer programs to work. It can help people create new things like computer games or other kinds of programs that can help people work together better. It’s like having a big playground where everyone can play together and make new things!


Jonathan Baha’i - President


Jonathan is Founder and President of the PBSA, raising significant amounts in Bitcoin funding in it’s inception. He has become the foremost authority in the space of provable fair blockchain gaming, often sought after for speaking engagements and quotes on matters related to blockchain gaming.

Eoin Whelan - Director & VP of Strategy and Partnerships

Penny Puddester - Operations Director & Corporate Secretary


Penny is the Operations Director for PBSA bringing with her a strong administrative background as well as a background in logistics and planning. She works daily in the administration of several technology companies and assists in the implementation of strategic decisions. Penny has experience in both the public and private sector as well as in supervisory administrative roles.

Joshua Deal - Director


Joshua is an Engineering graduate who has worked in a variety of capacities enabling him to bring forward business management experience. Joshua has always worked closely with staff at PBSA since the beginning to bring our current operations to life. He is excited to be part of this world changing blockchain association.


Bobinson Bobby

Solution Architect


Cory A. Ross

Marketing Manager


Prabhjot “Sunny” Singh

Tech Lead


Roshan Syed

DevOps Engineer

Sports Guy

Esports Brand and Events Specialist


Strong relationships with strategic partners are a key component of PBSA’s ability to deliver on its mission statement.

We are very proud to count the following organizations amongst our current partners:

Blockchain Projects BV
BitShares Blockchain Foundation
Square in the Air
Vegas Kings
Omni Data

If your organization is interested in working with PBSA or if you would like to find out more about our work, please contact us.


Would you like to be part of a motivated, talented team of professionals working at the cutting-edge of blockchain development? At PBSA we are always looking for top talent to join our growing team.

PBSA is hiring Proactive individuals with the ability to work from anywhere with minimal

supervision. This is a contract position and not a full-time role.

Senior Blockchain Developers — C++

Senior NodeJS Developers

What kind of person are we interested in talking to?

  • You enjoy working with a diverse group of individuals from a range of different backgrounds, cultures and professions
  • You would like to be a part of the next wave of blockchain innovation
  • You are familiar with, or have heard of blockchain and related technologies
  • You are self-motivated and thrive in a startup environment
  • You are not afraid to challenge received wisdom

If this kind of working environment sounds interesting (along with having an underground nuclear bunker as your workplace!), please get in touch.


Located at: The Diefenbunker, 47 Lockheed Crescent, Debert, Nova Scotia, Canada B0M 1G0

PBSA would love to hear from you!

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